Our Process

Professional Cabinet Painting Services and How We Do It

As a company that prides ourselves in the quality of work we provide, we understand that your kitchen & bathroom should be given the utmost care. Our cabinet refinishing process is very simple: we will take your old, worn-out kitchen & bathroom cabinets and give them new life.

Transform Your Kitchen & Bathroom With Our Cabinet Restoration

With lasting quality cabinets with a beautifully smooth and durable finish, in your choice of colors, which will last for years and brighten and update your home!

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Our total cabinet coating process typically takes only 7 business days from start to finish (in an average-sized kitchen). Out of these 7 days, only 2-3 are spent on-site at your location. The rest is completed in our shop. You can still use the room when we are not on-site! Our professional team is prompt and courteous!