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Frequently Asked Questions

We would love to help you renovate your kitchen with our kitchen cabinet coating process, or your remodel your bathroom with our bathroom cabinet coating process, in Lancaster County, Chester County, and are now serving Lebanon County, Berks County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Lehigh County, Schuykill County, Northampton County, Bucks County, and Philadelphia County. ​

​But, we realize that you may have questions…


Will coated cabinets paint, peel, crack, or chip?

The first hesitation we receive from our potential customers is the concern that the paint will peel away, chip, or crack. This IS true; these unfortunate things may happen IF: (a) you are just going to paint them yourself or (b) you hire a local painting contractor who doesn’t specialize in painting cabinetry and the products are not applied correctly and/or the right paint products are not used. Each cabinet piece needs to be cleaned to get the dirt and grease off and to dull the finish by sanding it prior to any paint product being applied.

Coatings is using several products that work together to create a film strength that equals or exceeds factory baked-on enamel, and the result is silky smooth and gorgeous! We are happy to say that we found and use our own line of coatings. These products have been tested, tried, and stand true to providing you with the best coatings possible for your cabinets!

Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, the coatings can chip, BUT please don’t worry because we will redo it for you, should this happen!


What is the difference between refacing versus coating?

There are lots of refacing companies around that offer similar claims about using your existing cabinetry to upgrade your kitchen, bath, or laundry room. Refacing is taking laminate pieces of multiple wood colors and solid colors and sticking them onto your existing cabinets. You might be offered new drawers and doors to complete the look.

Coatings is different in several ways. First, we do not “stick” anything to your existing cabinets. Second, when the refacing starts to peel, you need to do it again OR buy brand new cabinets. Third, Chameleon Cabinet Coatings is a fraction of the cost of refacing your cabinets!


What is the difference between custom cabinets versus coatings?

Brand new custom cabinets can seem like the only choice when upgrading your kitchen, bath, or laundry room. It is costly and time consuming and most definitely requires a contractor and/or designer. You need to purchase another countertop as well to complete the project. If the bones of your cabinetry are good and the placement of your cabinets is good, then you do not need to purchase new cabinets! Coatings will change the look and guarantee a WOW! factor without the hassle of new cabinetry. Our process is completed within a week, and your space is fully functional the whole time.


Can oak cabinets with grain be covered?

Oak cabinets have been around for a bunch of years. Some people enjoy the grainy look. However, nowadays the trend is to cover those cabinets and bring them into the 21st century. Our special process covers the deepest grains and the holes, however, you will still feel the texture of oak. If you prefer, we can also just put new doors and drawer fronts on of a different wood species (that is coated), and you can still keep your oak base cabinets.


Do you offer more upgrades for the room than just the cabinetry?

Some home remodeling projects require additional upgrades than just the cabinetry. We understand this, and we will work with your general contractor to complete the cabinets part of the job. We can also refer you to other trade contractors, such as those who do countertops, flooring, tiles, etc. However, a lot of times, you can just update your existing kitchen, bath, or laundry room with just a fresh coating without spending the money to change anything else.

After your cabinets are coated with the beautiful color of your choice, you can upgrade some other items to complete the look. We offer doors, drawers, crown molding, beadboard, hinges, knobs, and pulls. These items can enhance the transformation even greater!


How long does the Cabinet Coating Process take?

The Cabinet Coating Process typically takes about 7 days, from start to finish, in an average size kitchen. Out of these 7 days, only 2-3 days are spent on site at your location. The rest is completed in our shop. You can still use the room when we are not on site.


Do you accept credit cards as payment?

Yes, Visa and Mastercard.


Where do you offer your Cabinet Coating services?


Berks County, Bucks County, Chester County, Cumberland County, Dauphin County, Delaware County, Lancaster County, Lebanon County, Lehigh County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia County, Schuylkill County, York County


Cecil County, Harford County


New Castle County

New Jersey

Camden County, Gloucester County


Do you offer any kind of warranty?

We offer our customers a 3-year warranty, on all of our work. (Exclusions: If wood shrinks or swells and creates cracks in the paint)


Will I have to vacate my property during the Cabinet Coating Process?

Absolutely not. We work quickly and efficiently. A lot of the work is done offsite, and the work that is finished onsite is done in a way that insures your kitchen stays fully functional, during the renovation entire process.


Why should I Coat my Cabinets rather than just replacing them?

Replacing your cabinets is really expensive! Coating your cabinets will give you a fresh new look at a fraction of the cost! With the number of colors we offer, you can be sure to get the look you want. And, your cabinets will last for years to come! You can get Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Pennsylvania for a Fraction of the price as a new Kitchen Cabinet Remodel.


Will I have to prep my kitchen in any way before your team starts the Cabinet Coating Process?

The only thing required of you, is to clear your counters and empty drawers. Everything else can stay in your cabinets.

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"Chameleon Cabinet Coatings just left after installing my newly painted cabinet drawers and doors. Everyone who works there is an amazing professional. The “before” pics of my cabinets are really depressing, a kind of orange-brown, full of gouges and nicks (they’re around 70 years old). After the artisans a Chameleon worked their magic, the cabinets look amazing. I’m beyond thrilled. Everyone was so meticulous; upbeat; super polite; and really, really hard working. And they cleaned up as well. The best decision I ever made was calling Chameleon Cabinet Coatings. I don’t think even brand-new cabinets could look this fabulous."

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