Bathroom cabinets pull the room together and can make quite an impact. Whether that impact is good or bad depends on your chosen color and style. When selecting the color for bathroom storage or a wall cabinet, homeowners have many things to consider.

Many people opt for generic colors for their cabinets, bringing in bright colors on the walls if they like. This makes a wise choice because it’s far easier to repaint bathroom walls than recoat bathroom cabinets.

Before you worry about generic colors being boring, varying the shade and style makes it easy to customize your look. Modern trends also see homeowners using blues, blacks, and greens as the new neutrals, along with the standard white, grey, and beige.

The most important step lies in determining what look you wish to achieve and matching it to your bathroom. Small bathrooms typically do better with warm, light colors but can manage a darker, tall cabinet for added drama.

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What Is the Best Color for Your Bathroom Cabinets?

The best color for your bathroom cabinets is something that makes you happy and enhances the space. We’ll go through several options shortly, but try to get a picture of what you wish to achieve before we do.

Do you want a sedate sanctuary, a zany, colorful tropical paradise, or a minimalist feel? Working out your goals ahead of time makes picking the right color much easier.


Blue in various shades works well in almost every space. The color brings in a calming element and matches most design styles. You could incorporate a blue counter with gold specks or veining to represent lapis lazuli or choose a powder blue color for a light and airy room.


Grey always looks fashionable and fantastic when you use it in different tones. You could lighten dark grey walls with a lighter grey on the cabinets to modernize your bathroom instantly.

Grey cabinets add a stylish element to white walls, plain bathroom basins, and standard showers.


Bathroom cabinets in white are always winners. The color brightens small spaces and always looks modern. It fits any color scheme, and lifting this look with pops of color proves easy. Dressing up white cabinets with luxury hardware for an ultra-special effect also makes a simple design change.


While not a color we typically associate with bathrooms, green is becoming popular. A rich forest green adds a regal look, while lime green adds a zesty touch. Again, you can easily match green to most color schemes, and it has a soothing effect.

These cabinets look glamorous with crystal handles or more rustic with wooden hardware.


Black can seem a little out there for many people, but wait until you see what it looks like in reality. Paired with black wallpaper and a bold print, black cabinets create a sense of drama. It offers a great way to add instant hotel style to a small bathroom.


Beige remains a soothing color and continues to give an understated effect. Perfect for a spa-like result, beige cabinets work exceptionally well with marble tiling and many other decor styles. Using shades of beige and oatmeal creates a serene space.

What Color Wins for Bathroom Cabinets?

At Chameleon Cabinet Coatings, we see that most people select white or grey. Both colors are fabulous neutrals that add instant style and won’t date quickly. Beige comes in a close third, proving that most people consider neutrals the best option.

If you plan to sell your home soon or within the next five or ten years, we advise sticking to more generic options. That way, you have a better chance of the color appealing to a buyer—unless you want to repaint before selling.

What Colors Are in Style?

Recently, darker neutrals have sneaked onto the scene as property owners look for unique decor options. Green, blue, and black have become the colors to beat for an instant style update.

Our advice is to pick a color that you love and work around it. If that color is hot pink, it might be worth painting the walls pink or adding pops of pink with your accessories, like the shower curtain.

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