Don’t Replace Your Cabinets, Refinish Them

Suppose you are a homeowner who is currently dissatisfied with your cabinets in either your kitchen or bathroom. Cabinets hold several critical utilities to your life; whether it be cooking tools, kitchen utensils, snacks, or toiletries, your cabinets are a part of your daily life. However, when your cabinets start to look worn out, tacky or don’t pop the way they used to, there is no reason to replace them entirely. Replacing cabinets can become a massive project that drains your bank and leaves your home in a place of disarray. Instead, refinishing your cabinets with Chameleon Cabinet Coatings is a much more innovative alternative to a replacement project. Our trained and certified crew will provide a coating that will change how you look at your cabinets. Chameleon Cabinet Coatings offers new life to your cabinets for an affordable price, as our team will do everything we can to attend to your needs. For the best crew in the northeast for all of your cabinet-related needs, choose Chameleon Cabinet Coatings.

Cabinet Refinishing

Don’t Replace, Refinish

Replacing your cabinets with a completely new model is not only cost ineffective but a general hassle. Instead of recoating and refinishing, replacing cabinets requires contracted remodeling within your home, which could take weeks of your time, and the finished product might not come out to your liking. So, refinish your cabinets for a more convenient, affordable, and durable option for your home.

Simple Process

With Chameleon Cabinet Coatings, our 7-step transformation process for cabinet refinishing has been perfected by years of excellent service. After meeting with you and coming up with an estimate, we pick up your cabinets from your home and bring them back to our shop. We power sand and hand sand your cabinets, then resurface them with high-quality coatings, creating a smooth finish. If requested, we will repaint your cabinets as well. Next, we spend one to two days reinstalling the cabinets in your home, removing the grease with wet sanding, caulking any gaps, and repairing flaws. We then install bumper pads to each cabinet and reinstall your cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom.

Improving your Cabinets

Refinishing your cabinets brings new life to your kitchen. Additionally, refinishing your kitchen or bathroom adds value to your home, enhances the durability of the cabinets, and improves the overall look. The best choice for your cabinets has to be refinishing them with Chameleon Cabinet Coatings.

Why Choose Chameleon Cabinet Coatings

Chameleon Cabinet Coatings is the most trusted kitchen and bathroom painter in parts of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. Our team aims to communicate with you at every step and attempt to attend to your specific needs. Chameleon Cabinet Coatings is a family-owned and operated business that endeavors to build connections within the communities we serve. When working within your home, we want to get to know you and ensure our customers feel happy and safe during installation. Additionally, we offer a three-year warranty for our jobs, so our customers can be confident that their cabinets will shine for years. During the installations, our goal is to revamp your existing cabinets into luxury cabinets fit for your lifestyle. We take pride in our work, and we won’t sacrifice quality while we work quickly. For your cabinet-related needs, choose Chameleon Cabinet Coatings.

Free Quote

Chameleon Cabinet Coatings is the best option for homeowners in the northeast looking to change your kitchen or bathroom for the better. There is no reason to hold onto a look that doesn’t do it for you anymore, and with Chameleon Cabinet Coatings, we can promise change for the better. Our team doesn’t want to charge prices that will leave your wallet dry. Instead, we will initially communicate a price point with our customers that work with their needs. Chameleon Cabinet Coatings won’t stop working until the job’s completion. For your free quote, visit our website or call us at (717)-431-6440 or at (610)-343-1504.



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We affordably transform your cabinets within one week from start to finish with a fully functioning space during the process. We use durable coating products, all guaranteed with our three-year warranty. And you will enjoy working with our delightful team.