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Refinish or Reface? What's the Difference?

October 17, 20224 min read

Cabinets provide equal parts beauty and functionality. Modern cabinets brighten kitchen spaces, while rustic-style cabinets imbue your home with comfortable aesthetics. When you update your existing cabinetry, you want to know if the treatments and designs you choose will meet all your expectations. The first step in planning your cabinetry remodel requires understanding the difference between refinishing and refacing your cabinetry.

Refinishing or replacing your current cabinets provides an excellent alternative to total cabinet replacement. Contractors and electricians must tear out cabinet doors, rework electrical wires, and cause significant disruptions to your daily routine. Make your next cabinetry project as easy as possible for yourself by understanding the options: refinish or reface your cabinets.

Continue reading to learn more about the differences between refinishing and refacing your cabinets.

Refinishing Cabinets

Cabinet refinishing refers to the deep cleaning, repainting, and refinishing of your existing cabinets. Structurally sound cabinets made of quality materials and void of significant damage provide the perfect opportunity for refinishing services. Refinishing offers the best results if you love your cabinets' current layout and wish only for stylistic updates.

Many paints, varnishes, wood finishes, and designs make cabinet refinishing easier. Professional cabinetry companies offer many refinishing options if you have a specific plan in mind. The most popular cabinet refinishing styles include:

  • Varnish

  • Paint

  • Distressed

  • Waterborne

  • Stain

  • Glaze

No matter what style you wish to achieve, cabinet refinishing offers unique styles to meet your needs. Distressed cabinets provide a rustic look perfect for achieving antique aesthetics, while rich hardwood varnishes completely transform your space into a luxurious yet comfortable environment. Varnish protects your cabinets from high heat, scratches, and harmful UV radiation. If high foot traffic in your kitchen puts your cabinets at constant risk of damage and stains, varnishes keep your cabinets safe all year long.

Refacing Cabinets

Refacing cabinets also referred to as resurfacing, means the complete replacement of your cabinet doors and drawer fronts and refinishing of your cabinet frames. Professional cabinetry experts refinish your existing cabinetry frames using laminate or wood veneers to match your chosen design. Cabinet refacing provides the perfect solution for customers reluctant to purchase expensive custom cabinets but wish to make sweeping changes to their style of cabinetry.

Homeowners wishing to reface their cabinets can choose to replace door hinges, handles and knobs, and other cabinet hardware during the cabinet refacing project. New wooden cabinet doors and drawers bind more effectively to various stains and finishes. The cracks and damage of older cabinets tend to show through when painted, stained, or refinished.

Refacing cabinets offer customers long-lasting results. New cabinet doors and drawers last for many years and cost a fraction of the price of complete kitchen remodeling. Take advantage of professional cabinetry experts' many styles, finishes, and materials to find the cabinet style of your dreams.

What To Choose: Refinish or Reface?

Whether to refinish or replace your cabinets depends entirely on your specific goals. Refinishing cabinets provide improved style without the added price of new cabinet doors and drawers while refacing offers numerous styles for kitchens and bathrooms needing new cabinets. Depending on your situation, refinishing cabinets may suffice if you love your cabinets but desire an updated look.

Your budget also impacts the decision between refinishing or replacing cabinets. For refinishing projects, the main cost paid by customers includes new paint, varnishes, and the labor to complete the project. On the other hand, cabinet refacing requires the cost of new materials, painting and finishing services, and installation of new cabinets. While both options remain cheaper than complete kitchen remodeling, the cost of cabinet refacing far outweighs that of refinishing.

Whether you refinish or reface your cabinets, both options provide countless design options for your home. Unlike complete cabinet replacement, customers may easily change styles chosen for refinishing and refacing cabinets without ripping apart their kitchen or bathroom. Contact your local cabinetry experts to explore their services, materials, and techniques and start designing the cabinets you've always wanted.

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