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Does Painting Cabinets Increase Home Value?

October 28, 20224 min read

When considering ways to boost your home's curb appeal and increase the value of the house, many options come to mind. New garage floors improve the safety and functionality of your space; bathroom remodeling projects brighten areas of your home, so why choose cabinet painting? Newly painted cabinets transform your living space without costing as much as more extensive remodeling projects. Also, if you do not like the coat of paint you choose, a simple, cost-effective reapplication of paint quickly fixes cabinet repainting projects.

Instead of breaking the bank by paying for expensive new floors, fixtures, and features in your home, consider cabinet painting for your next home remodeling project. Professional cabinetry companies offer a wide range of styles, finishes, colors, and glosses to enhance your current cabinets. Continue reading to learn how painting cabinets increases your home's value.

How Cabinet Painting Increases Home Value

Kitchen cabinets encompass ample space in your home. When potential buyers visit your property, kitchen and bathroom cabinets are prominent features. Ensuring your home impresses buyers starts with improving outdated features.

For example, if potential buyers walk through your home and notice old appliances, dull cabinet doors, and ancient surfaces, no matter how beautiful and reasonably priced your home is, they may lose interest. Freshly painted cabinets provide inviting, modern, and clean aesthetics to those exploring your property.

The paint you choose for your cabinet painting project revitalizes cabinets into stunning features. Some of the most popular colors and finishes used for cabinet painting projects include:

  • Matte paint

  • Enamel paint

  • Wood stains

  • Cotton glaze

  • Melamine

  • Lacquer

  • Laminate

  • And much more!

The style you choose for your cabinet frames and doors depends entirely on your preferences. Glazes work wonders on cabinets rich in carvings and minor details you wish to accentuate, while wooden stains enhance the appearance of wood-grain designs. Choose from any type of paint imaginable to revitalize your cabinets. No matter what stylistic direction you choose, cabinet painting options can help.

Melamine's nonporous and stain-resistant properties protect your cabinets from high heat and moisture damage levels. Rich wooden stains absorb deep into the layers of your natural wood cabinets, producing beautiful cabinet designs that enhance the appearance of your kitchen. Instead of paying for the costly labor and materials of complete cabinet replacement, consider painting your cabinets to achieve a new look.

Top Reasons To Consider Painting Cabinets

Perfectly functional cabinets affected by small amounts of damage and warping seem a shame to replace entirely. Especially if you enjoy the layout of your cabinets, new custom cabinets or kitchen layouts seem unnecessary and too expensive. Embark on your next home improvement project with confidence by taking advantage of the many benefits of kitchen cabinet painting. The top reasons to consider painting cabinets include the following:

Improved Style

Whether you seek a rustic style for your country home or a cutting-edge modern style for your city loft, painting cabinets remains the best, most cost-effective option. Many professional cabinetry companies offer in-home consultations and design specialists to ensure the best-looking cabinets possible. New door handles, knobs, and hinges effectively boost your cabinets' style and increase your home's value. Wood finishes enhance older wooden cabinets, and a wide array of colors allows homeowners to build the perfect cabinets.

Improved Safety

Many potential buyers of your property want to ensure their family members' safety when considering purchasing your property. Paint options containing low amounts of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) grant homeowners peace of mind. Professional cabinetry services also provide sanding and resurfacing services to buff out any damaged areas of your cabinets before applying new coats of paint.

Improved Functionality

Warped wooden cabinets and chipped paint on cabinet surfaces decrease the functionality of your kitchen or bathroom. Hinges coated in old paint may squeak and cause unpleasantness for anyone opening them. Cabinet painting is an excellent way to fix damaged cabinets without total replacement. Welcome potential buyers into your home confidently by renewing your existing cabinets with a fresh coat of paint.

Trust Chameleon Cabinet Coatings for All Your Cabinet Painting Needs

At Chameleon Cabinet Coatings, our team strives to offer exceptional cabinet painting services. We proudly serve the Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey areas. Our team works tirelessly to provide our loyal customers with a vast array of cabinet coating options.

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